Zenith K9-Disc

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Zenith is the name of the top-of-the-range model of dog frisbees made in Europe by K9-Disc

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Zenith is the name of the top-of-the-range model of dog frisbees made in Europe by K9-Disc. This disc designed to play disc dogs safely is especially designed for all strong-bitten dogs that need a durable frisbee.

Versatility can be the right adjective to describe this frisbee.

Zenith can in fact be chosen by the inexperienced player who begins to approach the disc dog as well as by the experienced freestyler both in training and in competition. The shape of this disc favors a gradual and slow descent trajectory at the end of the launch. A feature particularly appreciated as it allows to increase the chances of catching the dog on the fly. The European production allows this frisbee for dogs with a strong bite to be the most competitive on the market thanks to the low price and excellent technical characteristics.

- Diameter: 225 mm
- Weight: +/- 140/145 gr

The outer band of the top face of the frisbee is equipped with a series of concave dimples reminiscent of the design of golf balls, a choice made to reduce air resistance on top of the disc by creating better aerodynamic coefficients and reducing turbulence. The size and weight have been designed to fit well into the grip and be easy to throw.
Starting from the same design, different compounds have been developed to meet different types of bites with particular attention to resistance.
The inner edge of the disc is sandblasted to create a less slippery surface that allows you to have a better grip in wet conditions.
At the first launch it is easy to be surprised to notice the stability of the disc, even performing the most delicate floater, the gliding trajectory will convince you definitively after a few launches.

K9Disc Vision
The philosophy behind these discs is simple: to provide a safe frisbee that adapts to the different needs of dogs and handlers to be able to have fun together at every level
The discs K9Disc have been designed and manufactured after a careful analysis of all the models of discs for dogs produced in recent years. The study period has allowed us to create an innovative and personalized design, full of unique details that make these records an absolute novelty in the sector. The various models have been tested according to bite resistance, type of flight, stability and handling. The prototypes were sent to several discdoggers around the world, following their advice followed a series of adaptations that modified the design up to the optimal production.


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