Treadmill for dogs Dog Runner Tracks

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Treadmill for dogs of the latest generation, compact and economical but made with high quality components.



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Dog Runner Tracks is the new model of treadmill designed for dog use that adapts to be used not only in dog centers but also at home. This brand new model combines the highest quality with convenience. Why compromise when you can now have a real treadmill Dog Runner in your home?

The Tracks model is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.... the treadmill will be your perfect ally for training!

Technical specifications:

- Dimensions of the running surface (W x D): 133 x 40 cm

- Maximum dimensions (W x D x H): 165 x 56 x 100 mm

- Rotating carpet thickness: 1.5 mm

- Maximum permissible weight: 90 kg

- Speed: 0.8-13 km/h

- Engine: 2.5 HP

- Slope: 3-position manual adjustment

- Remote control: None

- Liquid crystal screen

- Customizable training programs

Some advantages:

It ensures the right amount of movement even when weather conditions or various impediments make daily exit difficult.

Increased concentration.

It helps to maintain the shape of your dog's weight.

Stable surface and controlled movement during training.

Manage the speed to accommodate the dog's natural gait.


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