Treadmill for dogs Dog Runner Revolution Pro

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Dog Runner Revolution Pro is a treadmill for dogs designed for professional use



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Dog Runner Revolution Pro is a dog treadmill designed for professional use. It is in fact suitable for instructors / conductors, trainers and veterinarians who want a stable, complete, powerful and versatile product.

Revolution Pro is built on a completely renewed new design to offer maximum performance and ease of use.

This model uses a new engine even more powerful and quieter, the treadmill is equipped with a remote control to be able to adjust the operation from any position he wants to keep the handler with respect to the dog. revolution Pro is also equipped with an automatic tilt management system and a new platform access management system. In fact, there are two gates for access (one side and one rear). The side protection grilles (removable) are painted with a triple layer of paint to offer maximum corrosion resistance.

Dog Runner Revolution Pro is suitable for the training of even large dogs, thanks to the 6.5 Hp engine and the long platform the dog's gait can be fluid.

To obtain a correct gait, a fundamental detail to be taken care of during training, it is in fact important to use stable treadmills equipped with a long support surface so that the dog can move by stretching the limbs correctly without the small size of the carpet can affect this aspect. For this reason, the Revolution Pro model is 208 cm long with a 180 cm travel surface.

Through the control console you can access standard training programs or enter your own personalized training plan.

Technical specifications:

- Treadmill dimensions: 208 x 65 x 109 cm

- Dimensions of the moving carpet: 180 x 46 cm

- Carpet thickness: 1.8mm (super durable)

- Maximum sustainable weight: 150 kg

- Speed: from 0.8 to 18 Km/h

- Engine: 6.5 Hp

- Inclination: from 0 to 15% (electronic adjustment)

- Remote control included

- Integrated LCD display

- Pre-configured training programs and a customizable profile

- User manual in English

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