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Trainer Vest is the new training vest signed by Hurtta, a reinterpretation of the Obediece Toko Vest


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Trainer Vest is the new training vest signed by Hurtta, a reinterpretation of the Obediece Toko Vest. A special feature of the garment is the presence of a removable, light and waterproof hood integrated into the collar.
The vest is entirely made of Hound-Tex, a waterproof and breathable technical fabric (inside there is a mesh fabric), designed to guarantee resistance and practicality on the training field. It has a particularly high protective shell and an improved fit. The jacket is adjustable on the neck and waist to adapt the garment to the physiognomy of the wearer and in order to make it more comfortable during the race or shots.
In front of the jacket has four zip pockets ideal for storing prizes in food or small games; in the back there is a large pocket accessible from both sides suitable for storing and quickly extracting any kind of game. One of the front pockets is equipped with a protected loop for the bags or headphones. The trainer vest is also equipped with an easily accessible carabiner and ring ideal for attaching clickers, whistles etc. The numerous finishes in reflective material and the new graphics with a checkered pattern make the garment more visible in low light conditions.
Trainer Vest was created by Hurtta with the collaboration of professionals from SAGI, the Finnish association of dog centers, and is the ideal garment for all those who want to spend pleasant hours outdoors interacting with their dog.

- Removable, lightweight and waterproof hood integrated in the collar
- Waterproof and breathable technical fabric
- Particularly high protective neck
- Adjustable on the neck and waist
- Four front pockets
- A large pocket behind
- Equipped with carabiner and ring
- On the front a pocket is equipped with a protected loop for bags or headphones
- Finishes in reflective material

COLOR: Black

XS: chest max 98 cm
S: chest max 102 cm
M: chest max 108 cm
L: chest max 114 cm
XL: chest max 120 cm
XXL: chest max 128 cm
The chest should be measured by including the chest (the point of greatest width).
Since the vest is designed to contain games and prizes it is advisable not to choose a size that is too small that may be too narrow


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