Sheepskin Crab with two bungee handles

Sheepskin Crab with two bungee handles

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Dog toy suitable for pulling and springing, designed to stimulate the dog's senses thanks to the insert in real sheep's hair. The game is equipped with two bungee handles.

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Dog game suitable for pulling and springing and training and education of the dog. This game is made with a nylon core to which, in the central part, an insert in natural sheep's hair is sewn.

This detail allows to stimulate the senses of the dog by encouraging the bite and increasing the motivation and interest that most subjects demonstrate towards this type of material.

The game is symmetrical in that it ends, on both sides, with two handles equipped with elastic shock absorber.


- Total length: about 80 cm

- Pile insert length: about 20 cm

- Colors: ASSORTED. The photos are indicative, the product is handmade and is created from time to time with different colors.

The games that we define as "motivational" are designed to stimulate the dog's senses by raising the predatory instinct to increase the motivation of the subject and push him to interact with intensity with the game.
As always happens, the attractive power of a dog game and the resistance of the same are difficult to reconcile in the choice of shapes and materials, for this reason this type of game is perfectly suitable for those looking for a game that the dog likes and not a resistant game (like Kong to be clear).
Another feature that affects the durability of these products is the method of use. Motivational games are NOT games designed to be left to the dog but are games designed for action and couple sharing.
If you choose to buy this game you must think of always using it together with your dog to have fun and share beautiful gaming experiences and never leave it available to your dog without your direct supervision.

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