ToyPawStacker (set of 4) Flexiness

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PawStackers is a proprioceptive product for dogs made by Flexiness


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PawStackers is a proprioceptive product for dogs made by Flexiness.

This pack contains a set of 4 proprioceptive "riccetti" inflatable with a diameter of 12 cm.

The particular shape of the PawStacker allows you to have a flat face that acts as a support base and a hemispherical cap designed as a contact area for the dog's paws.

The presence of a gemoethric design in relief is precisely designed to promote sensory feedback following the paw/surface contact without being annoying. In fact, the bumps are very soft and not too protruding.

This accessory for dog training is perfectly suited to multiple uses for proprioceptive exercises related to increasing balance, coordination and awareness of the dog's body.

It is possible to vary the inflation pressure of the riccetti through the use of a pump equipped with a needle. Not Included in the package.


Colour: pink

Contents: 4 pawStackers and a mesh bag

Size: diameter 12 cm


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