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The Klimb

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The Klimb is the first platform designed specifically for dog training


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The Klimb is the first platform designed specifically for dog training. The base is made of durable polyester and molded with the exclusive PawGrip rubberized surface for greater grip of the dog. The four legs screw and make the platform very stable and, being removable, make the product more compact and easy to transport. They can also be inserted in pairs to make the Klimb a perfect inclined surface ideal for some proprioceptive exercises.
The Klimb is washable, waterproof and designed to be used indoors, outdoors, hot and cold, it is treated to withstand even UV rays.
QuiKonnectTM's lock board, designed by Blue-9, allows you to hook multiple platforms together to create blocks of units of any size.
The platform can be combined with different products of the FitPAWS line to create exercises that increase the balance, concentration and proprioception of the dog. For example, it can be used upside down as a stabilization base for some proprioceptive products such as FitPAWS Donut Large or large Donut sizes.

- Dimensions: platform width 60 cm x 60 cm - height 30 cm
- Weight: 6.4 kg
- Color: Blue, Black


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