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The dog gets dirty every day! But we clean

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We are talking about ecological bags for stool collection

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If you have a dog you use at least two every day!

We are talking about ecological bags for collecting feces. The topic is interesting only to those who live with a dog given the gesture that must necessarily be done over and over again a day (including holidays).

Also in this case the quality amplifies the differences and if you are used to the very thin bags that often break along the sides we recommend you try the maxi pack of 300 bags Earth Rated! The thickness of the material and the quality of the welds will make all the difference.

In the Bundle there is also a pack of lavender wipes, excellent for a thousand flying cleaning interventions.


n° 2 packs of 300 Poo Bags Earth Rated lavender

n° 1 pack of scented wipes (100pcs) Earth Rated

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