Swing n' Fling Chew Ball Large

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Swing n' Fling Chewball LARGE is a soft and durable rubber ball with rope



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Swing n' Fling Chewball LARGE is a soft and resistant rubber ball equipped with a rope. Designed by Starmark, a world leader in the production of various items for animals such as the famous clickers. It is easy to launch and recovers quickly. It is made of natural rubber and is free of latex, vinyl and phthalates. Float in the water. Inside it is empty and the surface of the ball is not smooth but has several grooves. It is also excellent for dog dental hygiene.

- Soft and durable
- Easy to launch, recovers easily
- Made of natural rubber, free of latex, vinyl and phthalates
- Float
- Equipped with rope

COLOR: green
DIAMETER: 8,5 cm
ROPE LENGTH: about 30 cm


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