Set 20 frisbee Light SBD Unique

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The Set consists of 20 frisbees for dogs model Light SBD K9-Disc series "Unique" of mixed color.

The "Unique" version includes all discs with small aesthetic defects, such as imperfections in pigmentation, which do not affect practical use.



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Set consisting of 20 frisbees for dogs supplied with random coloring.

The package is in fact composed of a set of discs of the "Unique" series, frisbees made with small aesthetic defects often related to pigmentation. For the rest, they are splendid 100% Light SBD and the chromatic variations do not affect the practical aspects and use at all.

This way you can have a fantastic supply of frisbees while saving!

The set consists of random colors.

And now let's talk specifically about the model:

The LIGHT SBD disk is a hard drive that contains a good amount of plastic. It has been designed mainly for freestyle and for dogs with a soft bite. The ideal solution if the dog is not very destructive and the launcher is looking for a stable and light disc that adapts to the various types of freestyle throws. Float in the water

The outer band of the top face of the frisbee is equipped with a series of concave dimples reminiscent of the design of golf balls, a choice made to reduce air resistance on top of the disc by creating better aerodynamic coefficients and reducing turbulence. The size and weight have been designed to fit well into the grip and be easy to throw.
Starting from the same design, different compounds have been developed to meet different types of bites with particular attention to resistance.
The inner edge of the disc is sandblasted to create a less slippery surface that allows you to have a better grip in wet conditions.
At the first launch it is easy to be surprised to notice the stability of the disc, even performing the most delicate floater, the gliding trajectory will convince you definitively after a few launches.

- Diameter 225 mm
- Weight +/- 93 gr
- Package contents: 20 discs
- Color: random with possible aesthetic defects


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