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The Razzle-Dazzle Grip Hurrta leash is a safe and comfortable choice for everyone


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The comfortable non-slip leash original product Hurtta

The Razzle-Dazzle Grip Hurrta leash is a safe and comfortable choice for everyone. It is suitable for any activity you love to do with the dog. The handle is padded and reinforced and is very comfortable. The two rubber stitching helps to prevent the leash from flowing too easily in the hand. The fabric is tested to be even more resistant to normal wear. The reflective, now removable and repositionable, significantly increases visibility in low light. The Razzle-Dazzle Grip leash is available with two belt heights. The 15 mm is suitable for dogs up to 25Kg of weight. The 25 mm is suitable for dogs between 25 and 45 kg of weight. The JEA/ANT variant is suitable for both jeans and anthracite harnesses as it is jeans in color and contains the colors used for the band of the anthracite model.


Handle padding 100% ECO

ECO tape with elastane

Double non-slip rubber stitching
Steel loop

Removable and repositionable reflective


15 mm tape (for dogs <25Kg weight)
25 mm tape (for dogs up to 45Kg)
New colors and patterns

Quality and safety

Compliance EN ISO 9227:2017 Compliance with QUALITY STANDARDS SGS Compliance REACH Regulation 1907/2006 Compliance SFS-EN ISO 13934-1


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