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Puller Maxi is a revolutionary interactive game for large dogs produced by Collar


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Puller Maxi is a revolutionary interactive game for large dogs produced by Collar. Thanks to Puller you can play with your dog in many different ways at home, outdoors and in the water. In a few minutes of interaction it is possible to provide for the daily movement needs of most dogs. By using Puller regularly you can get a better muscle tone (obviously of the dog!!!) combined with greater resistance and the dog will be more relaxed and happy.
Puller is made unique by the high-density purified polymer specially developed by the company Collar for this project. Thanks to a long research, a resistant but light material has been obtained that can float and not ruin the dog's teeth. The density of Puller is such as to entice the dog to bite thoroughly allowing an excellent resistance of this game for dogs.
Puller Maxi is sold individually (unlike other Pullers) and is ideal for teaching the dog the carryover, the leave and much more. Particularly suitable for molossers and large dogs.

- LIGHT: the polymer that makes up the PULLER is extremely light in order to make the game usable even by small dogs
- FLOAT: Puller floats and is practically unsinkable
- SAFE: Puller is designed to preserve the dog's teeth and avoid injuries

Colour: purple
Material: High density polymer
Package Contents: 1 Ring
Dimensions: ring diameter 30 cm, edge diameter 6 cm. Ideal for large dogs (40 kg and up)

ATTENTION: do not leave the game available to the dog, Puller is very resistant and is designed to be used in play activities and training with dog and handler. Improper use shortens the life of the product


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