TotoFit The Infinity

TotoFit The Infinity

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TotoFit The infinity is an inflatable tool with an elongated peanut-shaped design created specifically to work on your dog's balance, proprioception, and fitness

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TotoFit The infinity is an inflatable tool with an elongated peanut-shaped design created specifically to work on your dog's balance, proprioception, and fitness. The thick layer of PVC with which it is made has been chosen for use with dogs to better resist the wear and tear caused by nails.
TotoFit The infinity, with its particular peanut shape, is perfect for increasing balance, stability and awareness in the movement of the limbs in sports and working dogs; It is also good for the rehabilitation and therapy of convalescent dogs.
TotoFit The infinity can also be used with puppies and puppies to work on unstable surfaces.

The peanut shape, unique in its kind, limits movement during the work session in two directions, giving greater stability to the dog and allowing selective and more controlled work. This characteristic is extremely important when working with dogs that are just starting out or with particularly fearful individuals. It is also possible to further adjust the degree of stability of TotoFit The infinity by acting on the inflation pressure of the same. Its particular shape gives versatility to the instrument that can be used to work on anterior-posterior or lateral-lateral movements, important for proposing and introducing, even in inexperienced dogs, physical conditioning and core-training.

Why is a peanut better than a ball for a dog?
It is preferable to use TotoFit The infinity compared to a classic inflatable ball for human use for a number of non-negligible reasons, in fact when a dog is placed on four legs balancing on a ball
- assumes an unnatural and uncomfortable position
- neck and back have an unnatural inclination
- Dog and handler struggle to manage the situation and do not relax

Starting from these reasons, the TotoFit The infinity product  was created which, thanks to its shape, brings a series of benefits:
- Larger support surface
- the dog is able to remain upright in a natural position
- the neck and back are not contracted
- Greater control and safety at work
- Tear-resistant nail material
- Peanut shape to promote stretching exercises

How to choose the right size:
Choosing the correct size of TotoFit The infinity for your dog depends a lot on the type of exercises you intend to perform. The size referred to the item is the maximum inflation height. You can decide whether or not you want to  inflateTotoFit The infinity to the maximum height or stop at a lower height. In any case, you should never exceed the measurement indicated on the box. If you plan to use the item mainly for balance and balancing work, it is important to measure the distance between the front and hind legs with the dog standing still, this distance can be used to choose the correct size of the item. It is always possible to use a larger size for small dogs but it is always not recommended to use a size smaller than the right one for the size of the dog. If you have more than one dog, choose the size of TotoFit The infinity based on the size of the largest dog.
For work activities with the dog resting on the ground with two legs, it is necessary to choose the size slightly lower than the height of the withers.

Package contains: TotoFit The infinity

- TotoFit The Infinity 30 cm - height 30 cm, length 45 cm
- TotoFit The Infinity 40 cm - height 40 cm, length 60cm
- TotoFit The Infinity 70 cm - height 70 cm, length 91 cm
- TotoFit The Infinity 85 cm - height 85 cm, length 106.68 cm

Paw spacing up to 35cm:
- example: Yorkie, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Maltese, Boston Terrier
- Recommended size: 30cm, 40cm, 70cm, 85cm

Paw spacing up to 60cm:
- example: Sheltie, Corgi, Beagle, Mini Schauzer, Bulldog, Bichon Frise
- Recommended size: 40cm, 70cm, 85cm

Distance between legs up to 90 cm:
- example: Australian Shepherd, Border Collie
- Recommended size: 70cm, 85cm

Distance between legs up to 105 cm:
- example: Golden Retriever, Labrador, Boxer, Rottweiler
- Recommended size: 85cm

How to inflate your TotoFit The infinity:

The correct method to check that TotoFit The infinity is inflated correctly is to measure the height of the product and not check the inflation pressure, you can still choose not to fully inflate the product to have a lower height and increase the stability of the product. It is possible to inflate TotoFit The infinity using a manual air pump or a small compressor equipped with a special reducer, if at the first use it is difficult to reach the correct size, you must let the product, partially inflated, rest for a few hours and then finish inflation. Once you have reached the desired height, make sure to press the end cap all the way down until the plug head is flush with the surface. This will ensure a good seal.
When TotoFit infinity is fully inflated, it is more rigid and reactive in its movements, creating more demanding working conditions for the dog.


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