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Roll of 300 hygienic bags for dogs with the scent of lavender


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Roll of 300 hygienic bags for dogs with the scent of lavender. The roll can be inserted into standard external dispensers, is 22 cm long and has a diameter of 8 cm. The box opening it on one side and following the dotted shape, can become a practical dispenser from home. The bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while being made of thick and durable material. Open have a size of 22x33 cm.
The Canadian company that produces them, Earth Rated, has a particular focus on the environment. The packaging of the products is made of recycled material. Ecological bags contain an additive, EPI, which accelerates their decomposition. In the course of production, bags that do not pass the quality test are donated to shelters, and excess production material is recycled or reused for future production.
- Roll of 300 bags
- Bag size 22x33 cm
- Roll size 22x8 cm
- Perfume: lavender
- Color: green


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