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Pod | snack ball

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Dog toy in the shape of a pod, ideal for holding a prize in food.


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If you are looking for a dog game suitable to motivate those more interested in food than in the game you are on the right page!

Pod was created for this purpose.

This ball-shaped dog game (diameter about 9 cm) opens like a pod (in English Pod) dividing into 3 petals, inside the dog can reach and eat prizes in food.

But how do you open Pod? The closing and release system is managed by Velcro inserts, present inside each petal. With a slight interaction the dog itself can open the petals reaching the food using the paws or muzzle.

The Pods are made with a neoprene outer shell and are covered internally with a black synthetic lining. The petals are slightly padded with non-toxic material. In the lower part of the snack ball there is a nylon slot ideal for attaching a handle (we recommend the special CUSHIONED HANDLE) or a lanyard, the ball is not designed for pulling and springing so it is always advisable to use the article correctly. Pods is handmade with artisan care, the colors of the external neoprene always vary so you can not choose a specific color but the case will choose for you!

Pods float!! therefore they can also be used for work in the pool or in open water.


- opening with 3 petals

- Velcro closure

- neoprene coating

- float!

- loop for adding a handle

- diameter about 9 cm

- assorted random colors


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