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Outback Boots - Dog Footwear

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Outback Boots is the new model of dog shoes produced by Hurtta


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Outback Boots is the new model of dog shoes produced by Hurtta. Footwear that allows you to protect the dog's paw from the difficult conditions of the ground and from atmospheric agents. They are in fact ideal both for use on dirt roads in the presence of sharp gravel, mud or large stones; they adapt equally well to protect the paw in case of adverse weather conditions such as frozen soil.
The Outback Boots are designed to maintain a good stability of the paw in movement and in changes of direction, the upper part of this shoe is made of softshell an extremely soft, water-repellent and resistant technological fabric. The sole is instead made of rubber with relief carving for a better grip on the ground. There are also inserts made of reflective material to increase the visibility of the dog in low light or visibility.

The Outback Boots are sold in PACKS OF 2 PIECES to allow you to adapt the size to dogs with different sizes between the front and back legs.

Features: Pack of 2 pieces (right and left shoe)
Granite grey


Indicative size chart by breed:
S =
jack russel, tibetan spaniel
M =
cocker spaniel, Spanish water dog
L =
border collie, golden retriever
XL =
giant schnauzer, boxer
leonberger, German Great Dane

Size chart for maximum width of the paw on the ground (place the paw on the ground loaded with all the weight of the dog and measure at the widest point)
S =
M =
L =
XL =


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