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Outdoor Harness

Outdoor Harness

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The Outdoor harness Hurtta has become a worldwide reference product

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The Outdoor harness Hurtta has become a reference product worldwide. Also known as the Norwegian model, this dog harness allows you to have excellent control over the animal while preserving the joints and spine of the dog from trauma and stress. The Outdoor harness Hurtta was in fact born from a rigorous ergonomic study aimed at reducing the stresses that are inevitably discharged on the dog during a walk on a leash.
The structure of the harness is made of durable embroidered nylon tape while the inside is covered with a colored neoprene padding ideal for preserving the dog's coat and skin from abrasions. It is possible to put and remove the Outdoor Harness from the dog very quickly, in fact it is not necessary to raise any of the dog's paws but just put the harness Hurtta from the head and close the strap that surrounds the chest.
The Outdoor Hurtta harness is also equipped with a fabric top handle to help the handler manage the dog in difficult moments such as getting out of the car or meeting other dogs.
To ensure better visibility in low light, the fabric is quilted with a 3M reflective thread ideal for increasing visibility. The harness can be combined with different types of collars and leashes to be able to have a complete and functional set.

To choose the correct size you need to measure the dog's chest and take a measure of about 10 cm more. (Example dog with 52 cm chest ideal for a 60 cm harness)

- 45 cm: Tibetan Spaniel, Affenpinscher, Chinese Crested Dog
- 55 cm: Jack Russel, Shetland, Sheepdog, Bichon Frisè
- 60 cm: Pug, West Highland White Terrier, Drever or similar
- 70 cm: Cocker Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Whippet or similar
- 80 cm: Border Collie, Spanish Water Dog, Welsh Springer Spaniel or similar
- 90 cm Golden Retriever, Labrador retriever, Giant Schnauzer or similar
- 100 cm: Boxer, Great Dane, Pyrenean Shepherd or similar
- 110 cm: Greyhound Irlanderse, Bernese, Spanish Mastiff or similar

- Ergonomic design that does not stress the dog's joints
- 3M reflective inserts for better visibility
- Neoprene padding so as not to ruin the hair
- Upper handle for better dog management
- Adjustable underbelly


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