Mop tug

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Mop tug toy is a motivational toy made of microfiber. Available in two sizes.



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Mop tug is a motivational toy made of microfiber and equipped with a handle. The microfibre is supported by a soft tubular webbing while the nylon handle is covered in soft softshell.

Mop Tug is designed to be used by dog and handler to play together, the game should not be left to the dog alone.

Can be machine washed at 30°C, leave to dry in a warm, dry place.


Total length of the game: about 45cm

Microfibre part: 18cm


Total length of the game: about 50cm

Microfibre part: 24cm

Assorted colors

The games that we define as "motivational" are designed to stimulate the dog's senses, increasing the predatory instinct to increase the subject's motivation and push him to interact intensely with the game.

As always happens, the attractive power of a dog toy and its resistance are difficult to reconcile in the choice of shapes and materials, for this reason this type of toy is perfectly suited to those looking for a toy that the dog likes and not a toy resistant (like Kong so to speak).

Another feature that affects the life of these products is the method of use. Motivational games are NOT games designed to be left to the dog but are games designed for action and sharing as a couple.

If you choose to purchase this game you must think about always using it together with your dog to have fun and share wonderful gaming experiences and never leave it available to your dog without your direct supervision.


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