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Lightweight and elastic with an optimal fit. Even dogs that normally do not want to wear coats or anything else, will gladly put on this light cape. Thanks to the Welltex® lining dogs will retain their body heat, without the risk of excessive heating. The outer material is composed of a thin mesh fabric that allows moisture to escape. This cape can be worn under a different coat, or as a light and elastic cape during training, after a bath or when the hair is wet from the rain. Adjustable on the chest and withers to achieve the ideal fit. It is equipped with elastic bands for the hind legs, a passage for the leash on the neck, and a zipper opening for the tail. For your and your dog's safety, the cape is equipped with reflective bands on the sides. The front of the cape is adjustable to fit various breeds of dogs, such as small dogs with muscular physique.

SIZES: To choose the right size you need to measure the back of the dog standing from the withers to the tailline making sure that the head is in a neutral position. However, you must always keep in mind the physical conformation of your dog (stocky, thin, athletic) and the tail (keeps it up or down). Once you have taken the measurement from the neck to the tail, choose the size that also takes into account the other characteristics.


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