Max Glow

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Max Glow is a model of dog ball produced by Chuckit



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Max Glow is a model of dog ball produced by Chuckit. Max Glow is fluorescent and lights up in the dark allowing you to play with the dog even in the evening and in conditions of poor visibility. To allow the Max Glow ball to light up it is necessary to expose it first to a strong light source for at least 5 minutes.

This dog game is made with a soft natural rubber compound that allows the Max Glow ball to bounce and support the strength of the dog's bite. It does not spoil the dog's teeth even in the long run.

It is not a chewable so it is always recommended to use the owner's control sontto.

Max Glow is available in different sizes to better adapt to the dog's mouth.

The LARGE size is sold individually while the MEDIUM is sold in double packs (2 balls)


- SIZE: medium 6,4 cm - large 7,5 cm

- COLOR: glow white

- PACKAGING: medium contains 2 balls - large contains 1 ball


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