Liker 7 Magnet - ball with magnet

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Liker 7 Magnet is a dog ball equipped with a lanyard and integrated magnet


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Liker 7 Magnet is a dog ball equipped with a cord and integrated magnet. The magnetic support allows you to fix the ball to the handler's clothes to be able to give it to the dog quickly, smoothly, with a simple touch. Often used to teach conduct or positions, thanks to the timing it can achieve to reward the dog. Made by Collar, manufacturer of pullers, with an innovative material that combines the best characteristics of rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton.

The MAGNET version consists of a Liker ball with a diameter of 7 cm through which passes a cord that ends with a knot. On the end of the lanyard is fixed a magnet. There are two more magnets in the package. nylon coated, used to fix the ball on any garment (placing a magnet inside and one outside the garment)

Liker is a full, light and handy ball. It does not sink (even if punctured) and remains almost completely above the surface of the water. The material with which it is made is non-toxic, elastic, soft and pleasant to bite without damaging the teeth and gums of our dogs. It is easily washable and its color makes it visible in the middle of the meadows, in the wide spaces, in the snow and can also be used on gray cloudy days.

Dimensions: diameter 7 cm
Contents: Ball with lanyard and two magnets
Material: rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton
Color: Orange


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