Liker 5 ball for dogs

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Liker 5 is the ideal ball for small dogs


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Liker 5 is the ideal ball for small dogs.

Lightweight, floating and safe, Liker 5 is not the classic ball. It is made by Collar, manufacturer of pullers, with an innovative material that combines the best characteristics of rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton.
It is a full ball with a particular shape, light and easy to handle. When launching far, thanks to its shape, it can slightly change its flight path, adding emotion to the game. Being lighter than a normal tennis ball, in case of incorrect throws, glass and vases will be safe.
Liker does not sink (even if punctured) and remains almost entirely above the surface of the water. Particularly interesting aspect for those dogs that can not swim or that do not like water and that seeing it floating on the surface of the water, will be more encouraged to dive and take it without fear.
The material is non-toxic, elastic, soft and pleasant to bite without damaging the teeth and gums of our dogs. It is easily washable and its color makes it visible in the middle of the meadows, in the wide spaces, in the snow and can also be used on gray cloudy days.

Dimensions: diameter 5 cm
Material: rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton
Color: Orange


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