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IDC HARNESS FOR BLIND GUIDE is the harness for guide dogs produced by Julius K9


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IDC HARNESS FOR BLIND GUIDE is the harness for guide dogs produced by Julius K9. This model of harness is derived from the classic IDC Power harness to which an aluminum handle fixed to the harness has been added with two quick couplings equipped with safety.


Lightness, practicality of use and excellent quality of materials make IDC harness for blind guide one of the most appreciated and sold models of harnesses for guide dogs.

Colors: red, neon yellow
: OKO-TEX synthetic fabric and aluminum for hard handle
- Size 1: chest circumference from 65 to 80 cm - approximate weight of the dog 23/30 kg
- Size 2: chest circumference from 70 to 90 cm - approximate weight of the dog 28/40 kg
- Size 3: chest circumference from 80 to 110 cm - approximate weight of the dog 40/70 kg

Top quality materials
IDC harness for blind guide is made with top quality fabrics chosen and tested to offer great resistance to abrasion and tearing. The OKO-TEX fabric, with which this harness is made, is in fact resistant and reliable but at the same time it is delicate on the skin. All the original harnesses Julius K9 are equipped with two Velcro bands, positioned laterally, to allow the customization of the harnesses thanks to the original labels Julius K9, available for all sizes.

360-degree security
One of the most studied aspects in the development of the IDC harness for blind guide is safety, for this reason on the harness are sewn inserts in reflective material positioned in strategic points in order to make the dog more visible even when there is poor lighting.
Also for the choice of quick closing clips safety is put in first place, Julius K9 pays close attention to quality control in order to guarantee great reliability of their harnesses. For this reason the IDC Harness for blind guides are tested by crash tests that subject the chest strap to a traction of over 300 kg, this is the limit set for the resistance of the closing clips.

Washing instructions
The harness is not designed to be washed in a washing machine, you can wash it by hand, with water at 40 degrees or less. It is recommended to dry the IDC Power Harness in the shade (not in the dryer).


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