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This dog raincoat keeps your dog clean and dry even in heavy rain



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Don't let the rain stop you from going out and having fun together!

This dog raincoat keeps your dog clean and dry even in heavy rain.

And when you get home from your outdoor walks, your home will also stay clean and dry.

The durable polyester shell stops wind and rain with a water column of 15,000 mm.
The breathable membrane allows ventilation and reduces condensation.

In addition to being wind and water resistant, we have added smart features such as drainage holes on the chest part of the raincoat.
The holes prevent water from accumulating under the dog's chest, which could make him catch cold and feel uncomfortable. The Fjord raincoat covers your dog's body well, regardless of shape or size, and includes adjustable hook points for an optimal fit and a large collar protects the neck.

The raincoat allows total freedom of movement and the leg loops help to keep the coat in the right position and prevent it from rising in case of strong wind.

A dedicated opening allows you to wear a harness under the raincoat and hook the leash.
Reflective details provide high visibility in the dark and on cloudy days.
The Fjord raincoat is lightweight and easily stows in the included bag and is available in black, blue, purple, orange and green.

Sizes Back size :

40 37-43 cm
45 42-48 cm
50 47-53 cm
55 52-58 cm
60 57-63 cm
65 62-68 cm


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