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FitStageWedge Flexiness

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FitStage Wedge is an inflatable platform with a square base with the upper face inclined to form a ramp


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FitStage Wedge is an inflatable platform with a square base with the upper face inclined to form a ramp. It is produced by the Swiss company Flexiness.

FitStage Wedge is the ideal ramp to reduce height differences between different proprioceptive products or dog equipment. Thanks to this product, for example, it is possible to make the access path to a 50 or 60 cm peanut progressive and safe. It can also be used for performing exercises that involve the presence of an inclined face.

Completely inflated the product offers good stability but it is possible to increase the level of difficulty (instability) by partially reducing the inflation pressure or by using FitStage Bar in combination with other proprioceptive products. It is important to use FitStage products completely gondi, the surface must not have wrinkles.

The FitStage line consists of different items produced with the same technology but with different sizes. The FitStage project was born from the need to have platforms for training and training the dog that can be more or less stable, with a good surface grip and with the great advantage of not having any rigid part against which the dog can get hurt. The cushioning effect offered by FitStage surfaces is ideal for minimizing concussions generated by jumps or rapid movements generated for example in changes of position. Many dogs love to lie down and stay in touch with the surfaces of FitStage products.

All Fit Stage products are in fact totally deflatable and for this reason if not used they do not need much space to be stored.


- 50x50x50 cm

- weight 2 Kg

- pump not included in the package


All Flexiness products are designed for dog use and the surfaces are therefore nail proof but not for any bites. This is why it is essential to always supervise the interaction between the dog and the products Flexiness.

Maximum Load:

All products Flexiness are tested to withstand 150 KG of evenly distributed weight, it is still important to periodically check the state of the material.

Surface cleaning:

It is possible to clean the external surface of the products Flexiness with water or glass cleaner. It is recommended to periodically clean the equipment for hygienic reasons.

Dimensional variables:

The dimensions indicated in the product sheet are standard and indicative values as the type of material used provides for a % tolerance. The inflation pressure used and the natural aging of the material affect the size of the product itself.

How do they swell?

It is possible to use a manual pump (SOLD SEPARATELY) similar to those used to inflate the .

The inflation pressure affects the difficulty of the operation and the level of instability. In many cases, less pressure means more difficulty.

It takes a few days to allow the new product to take the correct shape.

We recommend inflating the product to 70% and bringing it to the pressure of use only after a few days.

The production technology provides that the upper face of the article may not be 100% horizontal, this variable does not affect the quality of the product allowing the normal use of the same.



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