FITPAWS Mini K9FITbone (set of 2)

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MINI K9FITbone is the latest addition to the K9FitBONE line


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MINI K9FITbone is the latest addition to the K9FitBONE line.

Proprioceptive product specially designed for use with dogs (dog lovers) allows you to set exercises for the development of balance and strength with small or medium-sized dogs.

The small size makes this product very interesting for precision work.

is sold in a package containing 2 bones.
The two sides of the bone are made in a different way, one is in fact almost smooth while the other is covered with a texture in relief to promote the perception of the surface through the fingertips of the dogs.
The product is made of a resistant plastic material of industrial derivation specially designed for use with dogs, resistant to contact with nails.

ATTENTION: the product is not a toy for dogs! It is advisable to prevent the dog from playing and biting the product to avoid breakage

Dimensions: 30 x 17cm, variable height 7/9 cm. Weight about 700 grams.

Colors: Blue and yellow
Material: High density PVC

1992/Taglia unica/Aran

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