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The Hurtta Expedition Parka Dog Jacket is an excellent choice for active dogs who enjoy the outdoors


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The Hurtta Expedition Parka Dog Jacket is an excellent choice for active dogs who enjoy the outdoors.

This protective garment allows you to protect your dog from both cold and rain.

It is suitable for every breed of dog. The new surface fabric is particularly robust. Our special design ensures comfort and stability.
The inserts in soft and elastic fabric support the movements. Inside the collar there is an anti-drip collar, elastic and adjustable. On the back there is a loop for the harness.
The jacket adjusts in the tail, chest and neck. The two smaller sizes (20 and 25cm) integrate a harness. Expedition Parka is Oeko-Tex 100 certified for the safety of dogs, people and the environment.


  • Wider size variety for a better fit
  • Increased protection of joints and major muscles
  • Anti-drip collars and additional adjustments on all new garments
  • Latest generation Hurtta Hound-Tex fabrics
  • Protected and resealable harness loop
  • The adjustment in the tail (0-5cm) is integrated and protected in the garment
  • Adjustable neck at the base and inside
  • Soft and elastic inserts to support the dog's movement
  • Two internal straps, soft and elastic, increase the stability of the garment
  • 500cd/(lx.m2) 3M reflective inserts

This model offers specific sizes for dachshunds (sizes XS) and for robust dogs such as Pugs and French bulldogs (sizes XL).

The sizes indicated refer to the part of the back between the center shoulder and the hairline.

SizeDogAdoration*NeckDog's Chest
20th 16-22 cm 20-25 cm 25-35 cm
25th 22-27 cm 20-30 cm 30-40 cm
30th 27-32 cm 25-40 cm 40-50 cm
30XL 27-32 cm 30-45 cm 50-60 cm
35th 32-37 cm 25-45 cm 40-60 cm
35XL 32-37 cm 40-50 cm 50-65 cm
40th 37-42 cm 30-50 cm 45-65 cm
40XS 37-42 cm 30-40 cm 40-55 cm
45th 42-47 cm 30-50 cm 50-70 cm
45XS 42-47 cm 30-40 cm 45-55 cm
50th 47-52 cm 35-55 cm 55-75 cm
55th 52-57 cm 40-55 cm 60-80 cm
60th 57-62 cm 40-60 cm 68-85 cm
65th 62-67 cm 45-65 cm 70-90 cm
70th 67-73 cm 50-70 cm 75-100 cm
80th 73-85 cm 50-75 cm 80-105 cm

* measured from the center of the shoulders (withers) to the tailline


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