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PoopBags lavender bags - 8 rolls

PoopBags lavender bags - 8 rolls

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The PoopBags package includes 8 rolls of hygienic bags for dogs with the scent of lavender for a total of 120 bags, which can be transported inside the PoopBags Dispenser of the same line or in other standard size containers

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This pack contains 8 rolls of 15 dog droppings bags.

The Earth Rated bags are bigger, thicker, stronger and completely leak-proof - we can guarantee it!

They are not ordinary bags but of high quality, extra durable and completely leak-proof with the scent of lavender.

All product packaging, including the inner paper tubes, is made from recycled material that fits snugly into the dispenser Earth Rated.

The bags are large enough to be used with all breeds (size of one bag: 33 x 22.9 cm)

This new range of waste bags is made from 65% certified recycled plastic (PCR), helping to keep the recycling cycle going by giving a second life to the plastic already used.

PCR should not be confused with recycled plastic: recycled plastic is often just unidentified waste material that is reused.

PCR is a material certified by a verified source. It undergoes quality control to ensure its high-quality properties in the production of new products.

Company packaging, contains 12 pcs.


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