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DogStepper is an innovative multifunctional training method, manageable and expandable, suitable for virtually any type of dog sport: from dogdance to agility to discdog


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DogStepper is an innovative multifunctional, manageable and expandable training method, suitable for virtually any type of dog sport: from dogdance to agility to discdog. It consists of a series of modular blocks, slats and plastic connectors.
DogStepper was conceived and designed by dog trainer Denise Nardelli, after years of experience in dogdance but also in tricks and clicker training.
The blocks can be mounted according to different needs and locked with the use of slats and connectors. The aim is to create a series of tools for training: tables, obstacles, targets, barriers, easels.
The block is made of foam, the particular shape allows you to fit duo or several units, like a puzzle. In the block there are through holes in which the connectors or slats can be inserted to increase the feasible conformations.
The slat and connector are made of plastic.
Each component is sold individually

BLOCK DIMENSIONS: 30x15 cm, height 4,5 cm - Black colour
SIZE OF THE BATTEN: length 100 cm, diameter 2.5 cm (in half the batten can be divided into two) - 5 different colors
CONNECTOR DIMENSIONS: length 8 cm, diameter 2.5 cm - Green color

DogStepper for dog training: modular, lightweight and portable. Read moreclick here


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