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IlS Doggles dog glasses are designed to protect your dog's eyes during sports activities


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IlS Doggles dog glasses are designed to protect your dog's eyes during sports activities. Wearing ILS Doggles the dog can move freely having the field of vision free without the risk of contracting eye injuries or irritations caused by the sun, wind, insects, dust or branches.
The special removable lens of these glasses is made of unbreakable material, equipped with anti-fog treatment also guarantees total protection from UV rays.
The Doggles dog glasses are equipped with a double elastic strap to secure the glasses to the dog's head in a stable and safe way but at the same time comfortable for the dog. The shape of the body of the glasses is specifically designed to allow a better fit on most dog breeds thanks to the wide nose pad and the accentuated depth of the glasses.
The use of ILS Doggles glasses is recommended in cases where the dog risks injuries or irritation to the eyes due to exposure to extreme atmospheric agents, or for long periods (walks and / or work on the snow, stay on the beach with strong wind, work with means of transport such as helicopters, etc.). But they can also be indicated to protect the dog's eye after an eye surgery to ensure a better recovery.


Lenses: 100% UV resistant

The width of the glasses is the measure from one corner of the frame to another (from the corner of the eye, to the other corner of the dog's eye)

XSMALL: (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkie)
- approximate weight of the dog 0.5- 5 kg
- lace under chin 8 - 17 cm
- neck circumference 13 - 33 cm
- glasses width: 8.9 cm

SMALL: (Beagle, Westie, Jack Russell)
- indicative weight of the dog 4 - 12 kg
- lace under chin 10 - 20 cm
- neck circumference 30 - 50 cm
- glasses width: 12.1 cm

MEDIUM: (Aussie, Border Collie)
- indicative weight of the dog 9 - 27 kg
- lace under chin 13 - 28 cm
- neck circumference 38 - 63 cm
- glasses width: 14 cm

LARGE: (German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever)
- indicative weight of the dog 22 - 44 kg.
- lace under chin 15 - 38cm
- neck circumference 46 - 76 cm
- glasses width: 16.2 cm


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