Cooling Wrap Vest

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Hurtta Cooling Wrap cools the dog's body increasing its comfort even on the hottest days


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Hurtta Cooling Wrap cools the dog's body, increasing its comfort even on the hottest days.

It mimics the natural cooling process of the body in a completely natural way. Just soak the vest in cold water, squeeze it and make it wear. The natural evaporation of water generates a cooling reaction that keeps the dog cooler.
The inner layer of the vest is made of high-performance microfiber, capable of absorbing moisture many times its weight. The considerable absorption power ensures a longer cooling effect.
The 3D mesh fabric directs the airflow, evaporating moisture from the inner cooling layer, while the breathable technical mesh of the lining can remain moist.
Its particular design ensures the coverage of the chest which, with its large blood vessels and lungs, is the most influential part in thermal regulation. Normal circulation distributes refreshed blood throughout the body, eliminating the need for a full-size garment.
The new fabrics, design and new strap ensure a soft and snug fit for the cooling effect.

Hurtta Cooling Wrap helps regulate your dog's body heat to spend more time outdoors together in the summer!

40-50 CM, 45-55 CM, 55-65 CM, 65-75 CM, 75-85 CM, 85-95 CM

The size refers to the circumference of the dog's chest (40-50 is suitable for dogs with a chest circumference of 40 to 50 cm).

100% natural cooling effect
New Cooling Microfiber
3D mesh to amplify the effect
New breathable technical fiber
New adjustment
New soft and elastic belt
Lightweight coupling system
Reflective 3M
OEKO-TEX® Safety Certification


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