DogSpecialist has grown over the years thanks to the esteem, help and collaboration developed with the professionals of the dog world who have believed in us, finding in our service a valid support for the training and training of the many assisted pairs.

With the new management, Agripool Pet intends to invest even more in the strategic synergies that can arise with dog professionals, so today we want to expand the family by recognizing the value of the work you do daily in the field.

Your advice and experience are essential to allow your customers to find the right product that meets the needs and requirements of the dog.

This is why the PROMOTER 2.0 PROJECT was born

By joining our team you will be able to give value to this part of the work by obtaining credits, which can be spent for future purchases on the site, from all the orders that your students will make on the site through the use of a special coupon code personalized for each Promoter.

How does that work?

The PROMOTER PROGRAM is active exclusively through our e-commerce.

PROMOTERS have a dedicated account that allows them to share links to specific products and a special Discount Code to share with their students.

Orders that are placed by new customers who use the Promoter's Discount Code automatically generate a 5% commission on the net price of the products purchased on the PROMOTER's account.

This rule applies to three consecutive orders placed by the new customer.

Do you want to join the team?

Here's how to do it:


A- The first step is to send an email to: promoter@dogspecialist in which you confirm your willingness to join the Promoter 2.0 program, also indicating the email address with which you have created an account on the website. I recommend that you already have an active account with up-to-date data!

B- Be patient for a few days, we will confirm the activation of the service and in a few days you will be operational.


Enter our e-commerce ( and access your special Account dedicated to PROMOTERS with some additional features:

Remember that in order to affiliate new customers to your account (if the customer has already purchased on our site he will be excluded from the promoter project) they will have to buy independently through our website starting from a link provided by you.

Only in this case will the new customer be associated with your profile, allowing you to accumulate credits through their orders.

You can do this in two ways:


Only PROMOTERS see on each product page an indication of the percentage they can get on the specific product. By clicking on the wording, you will have access to product-specific links that you can share via email, Whatsapp, Facebook or other messaging program. (Use copy and paste).


If you want to recommend our site without specific references to a product, you can use the links you find in your menu panel: Home > My Account > Affiliate Program > General information


If you want to offer your customers a 10% discount code to use to buy on the site (valid for 3 orders) you can provide them with the COUPON CODE that you find in the menu: Home > My Account > Affiliate Program > General information

The Promoter project is only valid for new customers! If a customer has already purchased from us and their account is already listed on the site, they WILL NOT be added to your list and commissions will not be calculated


The system automatically calculates the percentages and all the related variables. For this reason, it is essential that all operations pass through the site. Any manually managed orders will not be counted.

Each new customer is associated with the PROMOTER only after a purchase made on our e-commerce starting from a link or discount code provided by the promoter.

The first 3 orders executed by each associated customer will generate 5% commissions for the promoter.

If a customer places an order using a discount code not provided by the Promoter, that order will NOT be used by the system to calculate commissions.


In the following menu you will be able to monitor the accounting situation:

Home > My Account > My Balance

The section allows you to view the history of all the movements related to the Promoter project, in this area you will find the percentages related to all the orders executed by customers associated with your profile.

You can use your accrued credit to purchase equipment directly from

We are available to provide all the necessary assistance.

Good luck with your work!

Team DogSpecialist