Agripool Pet is a company that is part of the Agripool Group, which acquired the brand in 2023.

The Group is active in several industries including PET and has also been involved in dog sports for many years, having created a line of specific outdoor equipment (Neewa) and a series of motivational games for dogs with a strong technical vocation (ImpetusDog).

We are thus launching a project of great development for, with the intention of increasing e-commerce activity and being a high-profile commercial structure thanks to the industrial logic and skills that we normally manage.

We would like to acquire a leading role in the sale of dog articles for the sporting, training and professional sectors.

To achieve this, we intend to apply a partnership policy with selected suppliers to be involved in a serious commercial strategy and purchasing policy plan.

All this to provide the customer with the largest range of products at the best price.

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