Dog Worker composite

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Dog Worker is a mental activation game by Nina Ottosson


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Dog Worker is a mental activation game signed by Nina Ottosson. The game has a difficulty level of 3/3 (difficult). It consists of a base with 6 housings where there are 9 circular blocks and 3 swivel fins.

No part of the game detaches from the base. The pegs must be hidden under the circular blocks and fins used to "cover the tracks". The dog manages to take the pegs by rotating the fins and sliding the blocks. In the central part there is a circular wheel under which additional presses can be inserted. All the game is made of plastic material.
fact: if the dog has difficulty grasping the blocks, they can be tied to a string using the appropriate holes.

Degree of difficulty: 3/3 (difficult)

Dimensions: diameter 34,5 cm - height 5 cm


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