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The EVOLUTOR dog collar is a perfect example of innovation in the dog field

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The EVOLUTOR dog collar is a perfect example of innovation in the dog field. Evolutor was born as a line of high-performance leash for dogs, the materials are chosen to be able to resist over time and wear and tear and the design of the individual parts has been developed to improve the usability of the products. Suitable for medium, large and giant dogs.

The Evolutor Collar is made of COLLARTEX, a new material developed by Collar specifically for this use. Collartex is a multi-layer synthetic material reinforced in KEVLAR with honeycomb structure to ensure excellent wear resistance and offer an above average seal. The material that makes up the collar is water-repellent and withstands loads of up to 500 kg but offers a pleasant sensation to the touch.

All the components that complete the Evolutor collar, such as the adjustment buckle, the closure system and the hooking ring for the leash are made of aeronautical grade aluminum. Lightweight, durable, easily cleanable product.

The closing and opening system of the collar provides a simple interlocking that does not provide moving parts in order to guarantee maximum resistance. The set is obtained by inserting a slot made in one end of the Kevlar belt inside a special housing present in the aluminum buckle. The hooking and unhooking of the collar takes place by means of a vertical movement and the tension of the collar itself prevents accidental openings.

The fixing ring for the leash slides freely on the strap of the collar in order to facilitate the operations of release and hooking even with one hand.

The Evolutor collar is sold in a single size, it is in fact possible to cut the excess belt part according to the size of the dog. Available in two colors:

ALSO AVAILABLE THE COORDINATED LEASH: https://www.dogspecialist.it/it/guinzaglio-evolutor.html


- Colors: black and orange and purple

- Dimensions: one size from 25 to 70 cm of neck circumference

- Collar height 2.5 cm

- Material: KEVLAR reinforced synthetic belt and Aluminum carabiner

- Resistance: 500 kg

Col-42430/Taglia unica da 25 a 70 cm/Aran

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