Weekend Warrior Collar

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The Weekend Worrior collar by Hurtta is a product suitable for active dogs


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The Weekend Worrior collar by Hurtta is a product suitable for active dogs. It is made from a soft padded band that slides over the nylon collar. This solution allows to reduce the friction on the dog's coat because the band in contact with the coat remains fixed while the external collar slides following the movements.

The clip is new and made of nylon. The lanyard is made of steel. The special design of the locking system moves the pull, thus possible tears, away from the hook.
The surface layer of the collar is soft, durable and easy to clean. The padding is lightweight, cool and breathable. In contact with the coat is our anti-twist mesh fabric. A unique, high-strength belt runs inside the moving headband and attaches to the ring and clip via new reinforced seams.
The 3M reflective inserts are of the highest quality available (500cd/lx/m2). The collar is SGS certified.
The new Weekend Warrior collar is available in classic, eco and high visibility versions. The eco variant, for which up to 5 plastic bottles are recycled, is another world first.

Technical data:
Surface material: 100% PES with neoprene padding
Cover contact material: 3D Mesh 100% PES
3M inserts of 500 cd (lx/m2)
3M prints of 450 cd (lx/m2)
Hooks and loops made of nylon
Nylon belts with high wear resistance
Steel metal parts
Fabric safety certified Öko-Tex Standard 100
Tensile strength certified SFS-EN ISO 13934-1


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