Dog Specialist was born and raised with a passion for their animals. As simple amateurs and owners of three beautiful dogs, Filippo and Chiara, they became increasingly interested in four-legged life, spending all their free time for the technical preparation of Basito, Flanella and Lana.
The difficulty in finding professional and quality products and accessories on the Italian market, led them to a spasmodic search that gradually spread to the whole world: from Australia to Germany, from Sweden to Great Britain, they had to deal with foreign e-commerce to offer their dogs mental activation games, professional harnesses and technical equipment quality for canine activities. Hence the project to become the first distributors of these products in Italy, to avoid others the same research that they had faced.

From users to consumers, they had the idea of creating a point of reference, a site that met all the needs, even the most particular, of all enthusiasts. This is how Dog Specialistwas born: a showcase for every type of product from all over the world with photos and special descriptions.

Chiara is a photographer and has enriched the photographic kit of the site with images from life, trying to capture every important detail of the products and thus make the description and understanding of the object easier.

Filippo, is a passionate dog lover for over fourteen years, over time he has deepened his knowledge of different sports canine activities always moved by the curiosity to discover the beautiful facets of this world. Strengthened by this experience, he has taken care of, and still follows, the selection of products trying to combine all the needs and specific needs and give the widest range of offer possible. The passion for dog sport led him to become one of the first trainers and trainers related to proprioceptive gymnastics, he operates in Italy and Europe with his brand Canine Cross Training.

Anyone looking for a particular product can count on the help of Dog Specialist, specialists in the canine world, and Filippo and Chiara will look for you the best solution in your search. From products built with ecological, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to games for separation anxiety, from harnesses for safety in the car to the most professional ones for research activities, Dog Specialist tries to offer a range of solutions as complete as possible, and if something is missing, all you have to do is ask.
Dog Specialist structure its business always keeping in mind both dogs and their owners.

Mail: info@dogspecialist.it - Tel/Fax: 031.714407