Clik Stik

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Clik Stik is a target stick with integrated clicker


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Clik Stik is a target stick with built-in clicker. An ideal solution that allows you to combine two instruments into one: a telescopic target stick and a push-button clicker. So you can have your hands freer during work sessions. The telescopic antenna, at the end of which a yellow ball (diameter 1 cm) is placed, is adjustable from 15 to 58 cm. At the front there is a plastic clip to attach the Clik Stik to the belt. The body of the product is made of hard plastic while the antenna is made of metal. Clik Stik was designed by Terry Ryan and is distributed by Karen Pryor.
- Target stick with integrated clicker
- The telescopic antenna is adjustable from 15 to 58 cm
- Equipped with clip to be hooked to the belt


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