Casual Y Harness

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TheHurttaCasual Y Harness is the "city use" version of the classic Outdoor y2 harness


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The Casual Y Harness by Hurtta is the version for "city use" of the classic Outdoor y2 harness. The Casual is lighter and has a fit greater than about half a size. Unlike the Outdoor range, which remains the benchmark for outdoor activities, the Casual uses burnished nickel rings and matching belts. The size around the neck has been reduced and the closing clips are two, one on each side.
It is padded with neoprene at the pressure points: around the neck, chest and sternum. Neoprene is a soft and compact material, it does not tear the hair and does not create friction or flash effect to the benefit of the dog's comfort. It is entirely finished with reflective wire so as to ensure better visibility of the dog, and therefore of the handler, in low light conditions.

- H-harness
- Lighter than the outdoor model
- Padded with neoprene at the pressure points
- Adjustable on the chest
- Double closing clip on the chest, one on each side

The size of the neck should be taken in the part closest to the chest where the harness will be placed, also consider the size of the dog's head
- 30-35: Chest 30-35- Neck 26
- 35-45: Chest 35-45 - Neck 35
- 45-55: Chest 45-55- Neck 40
- 50-60: Chest 50-60- Neck 43
- 60-70: Chest 60-70 - Neck50
- 70-80: Chest 70-80- Neck 54
- 80-90: Chest 80-90- Neck 64
- 90-100: Chest 90-100- Neck 73


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