Cassie Fleece Cape

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The Cassie fleece cape, produced by Back On Track, is soft and super comfortable; it is designed to give excellent mobility to the front legs and imitate the dog's movements as little as possible



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The Cassie fleece cape, made by Back On Track, is soft and super comfortable; it is designed to give great mobility to the front paws and mimic the dog's movements as little as possible. Cassie is a versatile fleece cape that your dog will love! Perfect for wearing on cold days or after sports or work. The Iontex® infused lining keeps muscles warm and flexible, making Cassie a great choice for dogs with osteochondrosis in their shoulders or back problems. The cape adjusts to the dog's build thanks to the smart zipper located on the back. Cassie is visible from all angles thanks to the reflective inserts.

- Iotex® technology
- Smart zipper
- Reflective details
- Soft material

The Cassie cape is suitable for dogs with normal or slim build. In case of dogs with robust build it is better to opt for a larger size.
The sizes refer to the length of the dog's back (withers/tail feathers). It is fundamental to take the measures of your dog keeping him in a natural and symmetrical position. You can use the table below to choose the correct size.

Legend (measures expressed in cm):

A- length of the back taken from the withers to the junction of the tail
B- maximum circumference of the head
C- circumference of the neck
D- circumference of the abdomen










30 30 32 26-32 37-45
35 35 34 30-34 42-50
40 40 38 32-38 47-55
45 45 40 36-40 52-60
50 50 44 38-44 57-65
55 55 47 42-47 62-70
60 60 50 45-50 67-76
65 65 53 48-53 73-82

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