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Brace for the Carpo XS

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balto_1.pngBT Joint is a carpus brace designed to be used in the treatment of injuries located in the dog's carpus area that cause pain, lameness or difficulty moving. The BT Joint brace guarantees a stabilizing effect on the joint that can reduce localized pain and improve the work of the ligaments without compromising the mobility of the limb.
The structure of the BT Hock brace allows you to maintain the flexion and flexibility of the muscles while simultaneously supporting the flexion of the joint while maintaining the contracted ligaments. By reducing the load on the joints and tendons it is possible to obtain a faster and more complete functional recovery by preventing any secondary damage related to an incorrect movement of the paw.
The brace for the carpus can also be used as a post-operative support as it is possible to place dressings, patches or bandages inside in case of surgical or accidental wounds. In the presence of pathologies such as: acute or chronic arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and other similar pathologies, ligament injury and all pathologies for which immobilization of the joint is considered necessary for precautionary purposes, the use of this brace is strongly indicated.
In the package there are two rigid aluminum slats covered in velcro that can be used to make the brace completely rigid, thus blocking the joint. The use of the slats is optional as needed.

Features of the brace:
Package contents: a fabric brace and two removable aluminum slats
Material: Breathable fabric easily washable (by hand)
Color: Dark blue with white edges
Accessories (included in the package): two shaped aluminum slats to block the joint

- XSmall: indicative weight of the dog 4-8 kg. height brace cm 7 minimum circumference paw 7 cm
- Small: approximate weight of the dog 8/25 kg. brace height cm 9.5 minimum circumference paw 7.5 cm
- Medium: indicative weight of the dog 25/35 kg. brace height cm 11,5 minimum circumference paw 9,5 cm
- Large: approximate weight 35/50 kg. brace height cm 13,5 minimum circumference paw 12,5 cm
- XLarge: indicative weight over 50 kg. height brace cm 16 minimum circumference paw 15 cm

Recommended use:
- Consult a veterinarian before using stiff splints to block the joint
- Remove the hard slats before each wash
- Always watch over the dog wearing the brace to prevent it from ruining it or getting hurt in an attempt to remove it



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