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Plutos and the new snack for dogs based on milk but lactose-free



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Plutos and the new snack for dogs based on milk but lactose-free. It is available in 3 different sizes and many inviting flavors to always be attractive and interest dogs for a long time.

Here are the features that make it unique:
- is produced in Europe and is subject to HACCP
- is produced only from sterilized milk
- does not contain lactose (0%)
- does not contain lime juice
- does not contain added salt
- it is dried, not smoked
- is leaner (has less fat)
- its digestibility is certified by the FDA
- has no sharp edges and is not divided into accuminate parts
- it is produced 100% with cow's milk (the most popular snacks today contain on average 90%)
- does not alter fragile economies and does not harm poor populations
- it is sold at the real price of a snack of milk for dogs

Composition: Milk protein, water, fats and minerals (with mineral salts and calcium). Natural additives: Emulsifier, flavorings, gelatinizing agent, coloring, preservative and antioxidant.
Analytical composition: Crude protein 50%, Moisture 20%, Crude ash 13.5%, Carbohydrates 8.5%, Crude fibre <0.5%, Oils and fats 0.2%


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