Vetbed®, Synthetic fleece, Vetbedding, Pet & Vet bedding, what a mess! But do dogs like it?

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The cold is upon us and the Dog Specialist warehouse begins to change shape and color, just like the leaves on the trees that turn yellow and color and the woods that change volume as the trees undress.

With us it is the opposite, the space available decreases as the shelves fill up and are colored thanks to the presence of vet .. Vell... Bed.. What do we call it?

We use the best known name: Vetbed®.

But what are we talking about? Vetbed® is a registered trademark owned by the English company PetLife which first invented and produced an article for dogs designed to offer a warm and comfortable support for the rest of dogs combined with practicality of washing and use. The project was born to respond to specific needs related to the hospitalization of dogs in veterinary clinics.

Over time Vetbed® has become a brand known worldwide and through which people have begun to identify the dog mat that is actually made today in many versions and is marketed under different trade names.

For this reason it is currently possible to find commercial offers of very similar products called differently: Vetbedding, Vetbed®, veterinary bedding, pet & vet bedding, but also synthetic fleece or other similar definitions.

We will see next what are the features to be evaluated to choose the right version.

But why has this dog rug become so popular?

The answer is easy: it is comfortable to use and is as popular with dogs as we humans. Dogs like it because it is warm and soft without being too soft, the surface guarantees an excellent grip to the paws and if the dog is wet (or if it were to pee in the case of puppies, elderly or incontinent dogs) the liquid tends to pass through the synthetic fibers going down, thus leaving the dog relatively dry. Doesn't it remind you of diaper advertising?

The consistency of the synthetic fibers that make up the vetbed is really pleasant to touch, just touch the surface with one hand to receive feedback that recalls sensations such as: warm, dry and soft.

Most dogs, it seems incredible, tend not to bite or destroy it! We can not consider this fact as an absolute law, some relentless destroyer also appreciates the synthetic fleece to be torn into small pieces, but in general we have found that between a classic fleece or cotton blanket or a soft padded pillow the life of a vetbed tends to be longer.

To us humans, dog owners, the synthetic fleece tends to like a lot because it costs less than many dog pillows that are on the market, it is soft and colorful and our dog likes it. But also because it washes easily, without having to unlin it, and dries in a short time. It is possible to cut and shape it without resorting to sewing machines or anything else.

The real dog lover always has a supply of clean carpets that he can use.

There are various types of products, the main characteristics are given by the size, the colors, the presence of a non-slip bottom or not and the weight.

Dimensions: synthetic fleece is produced in rolls and the machine that makes it generally has a width of 150 cm. For this reason, the best-selling dimensions are 100x150 cm and 100x75 cm.

Colors: there are many versions, in general the product is made with a colored background on which is superimposed a decoration depicting dog legs printed with a different color. Today there are also multiple decorations that deviate from the original graphics and some solid color versions.

Bottom: the lower side, the one in contact with the floor, can be equipped with a series of rubber inserts positioned at a regular distance that prevent slipping. This version defined as non-slip is in our opinion the safest and most appreciated but there is also the classic version without this addition.

Weight: there are different versions of synthetic fleece, as always the quality of the materials used leads to products of a more or less high level. The producers that control the quality the most are often located in England, the birthplace of this product, but there are also Chinese versions that are often recognized by the color and especially by the touch. The most used weight for vet bedding is 1200 g/m which highlights the weight of 1.2 kg per metro fabric framework.

How to cut?

It is possible to cut or shape the vet bedding with the simple help of well-sharpened scissors or a cutter, personally we prefer the first method. The special composition of the fabric does not need a subsequent edging, and the fleece does not spoil after cutting.

Would we recommend Vet Bedding?

Absolutely yes, we have been selling it for several years and have hundreds of positive feedback on this article. Even our dogs appreciate it very much, and in a few lines Flanella will give you a proof!
For years we have chosen the English supplier from which we buy the synthetic fleeces that we sell in our e-commerce. In the past we dealt with the version produced by Pet Life but over the years we have preferred the value for money that a different manufacturer offers us. For this reason on the site we do not use the name Vetbed® but we call the product Pet & Vet Bedding, the name used by the current manufacturer.

And your dog likes it or might like it? Rest is important!

You just have to find out, here is the page of the two best-selling sizes, many colors can liven up your home, camper or car.


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