The importance of chewing

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The importance of chewing in puppies and adult dogs

It has happened to many dog owners to come home after a long day at work and find their favorite slippers shredded on the floor, scattered pieces of foam torn from the sofa cushions or tooth marks along the legs of the wooden chair.

The first instinct may be to scold your four-legged friend, but before you do that, it's important to understand why dogs chew on objects.

Chewing, for a dog, is like for a human being to open a door and look into a room.

People are curious and dogs are curious too and discover the world around them using the mouth that thus becomes a vehicle for the exploration and experimentation of new surfaces and objects allowing the dog to be aware of the world around him and to develop the right skills to face everyday life.

Chewing then determines the release of endorphins of the brain that will make the dog feel happier and more satisfied being natural antidepressants.

This will result in a benefit for mood, sleep, appetite, learning, memory and digestion thanks to the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter also known as the "good mood hormone".

The production of these two important neurotransmitters thus generate a state of relaxation, important especially for dogs that have behavioral problems.

For the puppy, chewing can have an additional beneficial effect that is to relieve the discomfort due to the dental rash and the change of teething.

It is therefore important to stimulate the chewing activity by channeling it towards chewable snacks taking into account different factors at the time of choice such as palatability, consistency and type of material.

We must also not forget that even the chewing activity can be a moment of collaboration and sharing it is therefore not advisable to leave a bone to the dog and leave but choosing an appetizing and not too hard snack held in hand by the owner favor the first approaches to chewing correctly evaluating hardness and times in order not to favor unwanted behavior.



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