Bags for the dog; which ones to use?

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What bags for the dog is better to use? let's analyze some details that make some bags better than others.

If you have a dog you can't do without it!

You always want me to leave the house and you always ask yourself: "Did I take the bags?" or "how many bags do I have left?".

In fact, the recurring nightmare of every dog lover, polite and caring, is precisely to go out for a walk with your dog (or dogs of course) and not have in the moment of need (in a literal sense) the bag necessary to remove the droppings.

It is precisely the "dog bag" so often called the central theme of this post written with the intent to analyze some details that could escape an inattentive user but that allow you to obtain different advantages in daily use.

The DogSpecialist Team is always ready to test first-hand the items we market. We do not hide how many positive sides there are to this work when it comes to motivational games, collars or frisbees for dogs. The enthusiasm could descend in thinking of having to test decidedly less intriguing products but no less useful as they are, in fact, the bags to collect dog droppings.

In reality, the test was easier and more natural than expected as the considerations reported in this post arise from daily use not aimed at a real test but arising from a real need.

A need that multiplies when you travel not with one but with two or three dogs in tow.

After many tests and several changes we can say that we have been using Earth Rated bags for some time and to draw great satisfaction in daily use.

Here are the reasons:


This is one of the first aspects that we invite you to consider. Often we tend to choose the cheapest product since: "so much then I have to throw them away".

In fact, very often behind a higher price there are also technical aspects that motivate this price difference.

The bags for dogs Earth Rated stand out at first glance from the classic cheap bags in that the thickness and the "structure" of the plastic that composes them is decidedly thicker, consistent to the touch and sight.

This fact results in a lower risk of breakage. The advantages are many and we do not believe it is necessary to describe them.


It is really important to test the system that allows you to separate the bags from the roll (dotted line). If this processing is not carried out in a workmanlike manner, it may happen that the bag opens along the end weld. This inconvenience that seems trivial can lead you into direct contact with the excrement if you do not notice in time what happened.

It is already unpleasant as a feeling but the situation could worsen if it were to happen to you away from home without handkerchiefs at hand to clean you!


Very personal theme, there are those who use it attached to the leash and those who prefer to keep some bags in their pocket or bag. It does not change much the important thing is to find the solution we prefer and always remember to have a spare bag at hand.


A larger bag is not only suitable for large dogs. A larger bag allows you to perform the closing knot more easily and to better "incorporate" any leaves or twigs that we had to collect inadvertently.

A larger roll (300 bags) also allows you to never run out! Hearth Rated also inserts a handy reminder that appears when the roll is near the end. We will then have the time necessary to get a new pack of dog bags.


Heart Rated bags have a slight scent of lavender that helps to disguise the smell. The consistent thickness of the plastic also greatly helps to reduce the smell of the closed bag after use. This is important since the baskets are not always at hand.



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