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Band for front legs (1 pcs)

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Band for front legs with three tear-off closures signed by Back On Track



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Band for front legs with three tear-off closures signed by Back On Track. Ideal for dogs with joint problems, osteoarthritis, weakening of connective tissue or after an operation. The band is made of resistant polypropylene with ceramic particles that giving the product heat-reflective properties, help to maintain more elastic muscles and joints. There are no splints, the band does not immobilize the limb but acts as a support. It is advisable to always use bands on both legs.

- Small: band length 14 cm - leg circumference 10 cm
- Medium: band length 15 cm - paw circumference 12 cm
- Large: band length 18 cm - paw circumference 14 cm

Why ceramic powder?
The characteristic of ceramics to reflect heat in the form of infrared and knowledge about the beneficial effect of infrared on physical well-being, has been combined with the most modern technologies in the textile field. The result of this combination is a ceramic fabric, in which ceramic particles are soaked into the fabric that reflects body heat in the form of infrared, a form of energy that increases the state of well-being. The reflected heat can dissolve muscle tension and increase microcirculation, so that the regenerative process is accelerated.


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