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The antenna Ri.DO. for bikejoring is a professional product for the safe practice of this beautiful sport (bike ride with the dog). Thanks to this steel antenna it is in fact possible to keep the connection line between the dog and the bicycle away from the spokes of the front wheel, increasing the safety of those who practice bikejoring.
The antenna Ri.DO. it is entirely made of steel and produced in Italy, it is available in two models to adapt to the different types of handlebar attachment (head set or column).

The antenna consists of two components, a fixing plate for Head Set connection with a thickness of 3 mm made with laser cutting and the actual antenna in steel rod, diameter 4 mm. It is equipped with a spring shock absorber to absorb all vibrations and accompany the movement of the line during turns. The fixing system between the antenna and the plate is screw and allows you to remove the antenna in a few seconds leaving only the fixing plate to the bicycle mounted. In this way you can use the bike with and without dog converting it in a few seconds.

- WEIGHT: 350 grams heaad set and 400 grams column attachment
- LENGTH: 50 cm
- THICKNESS: plate 2 mm, antenna 4 mm

1577/attacco Head Set/Acci

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