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The waterproof Allweather padded, has in the inner part the Welltex® fabric that protects the dog from the wind and weather, and keeps it dry even on cold winter days



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The waterproof Allweather padded, has on the inside the Welltex® fabric that protects the dog from the wind and weather, and keeps it dry even on cold winter days. Thanks to the Back On Track, the dog will retain its body heat, without the risk of excessive heating. The outer material is durable, highly breathable and tear-resistant, and the seams are sealed. The Allweather coat by Back On Track, thanks to its excellent fit, is ideal for protecting the most important muscle groups and the sensitive abdominal area. It is equipped with practical features, such as the wide waistband with separate straps and a neck cover that protects against moisture. The size is adjustable on the neck and at the withers to obtain the ideal fit. It has elastic bands for the hind legs and a passage for the leash on the neck. For your and your dog's safety, the waterproof is equipped with reflective bands on the sides. The coat is adjustable on the front (from size 21 to 91), so it adapts to various breeds of dogs, such as small dogs with muscular physique.

SIZES: To choose the right size you need to measure the back of the dog standing from the withers to the hairline of the tail making sure that the head is in a neutral position. However, you must always keep in mind the physical conformation of your dog (stocky, thin, athletic) and the tail (keeps it up or down). Once you have taken the measurement from the neck to the tail, choose the size that also takes into account the other characteristics.

Why ceramic powder? The characteristic of ceramics to reflect heat in the form of infrared and knowledge about the beneficial effect of infrared on physical well-being, has been combined with the most modern technologies in the textile field. The result of this combination is a ceramic fabric, in which ceramic particles are soaked into the fabric that reflects body heat in the form of infrared, a form of energy that increases the state of well-being. The reflected heat can dissolve muscle tension and increase microcirculation, so that the regenerative process is accelerated.


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